We have all been told what shapes, colors, styles should and should not go together. Chances are, you wouldn’t choose an elaborate red couch for your subtle periwinkle living room. But who gets to set those standards? After hundreds of years of color wheels and architectural handbooks, I’d say it’s about  time for a change. Let 2020 be the year we set our own rules and finally embrace the unfamiliar in our surroundings. 

One of the biggest trends we're seeing for 2020-2021 is an embrace of the unexpected. This is the time to start anew and break away from the mold. From texture and pattern to color and accessories, here are a few ways to experiment and incorporate a little variety into your home.

Choose two completely different aesthetics and find a common ground.

It might seem challenging to know where to start so we suggest choosing an elaborate pattern, something that could be a fun new endeavour. Look for small color motifs or shapes within the design that could be mimicked. Pair with a material similar in tone or texture and the end result will appear more harmonious to the eye.

Embrace a new motto -  too much is never enough. 

There is really no limit when it comes to this one. While it may seem outdated at first, this method  of matching furniture or bedding to your wallpaper is as different as it is exciting. Think muted and dusty tones, modern textures separated by a dark solid color. Keep it eclectic and bold for a definite show stopper. 

Think outside the box. 

Don’t let the room’s function dictate its contents. Escape routine by challenging your space based on your preferences, not the norms. Who says you can’t have an armchair or a bar cart in your bathroom? Forward-thinking design choices create an intimate and unique environment. 

If you’re not quite ready for the radically unexpected, a good option might be to repurpose some of your most loved items. Incorporating fabrics in unconventional ways is an easy way to add a fresh touch to your home. An eye-catching fabric feature wall or a beautiful cotton-blend throw used as a table runner would instantly add some character to a space without breaking the bank.

Updated: Jul 23

A guide to making the most out of strange times.

During this unusual time, many of us are stuck inside all day, which can start to feel like being held in captivity. If you’re sleeping in every day or spending a majority of your time indoors, it can be easy to fall out of your normal routines. Things like folding and putting away clean laundry can take days to accomplish (or is that just us?).

In this time of feeling like everything is out of our control, it’s important to keep control over the things we can. No matter how small a task, continuing to do these things can make a huge difference in your mood, thus affecting the rest of your day. Here are our tips for keeping a small sense of normalcy in a time when ‘normal’ feels more like a fallacy.

Make Your Bed Every Morning

Don’t give yourself a pass on this one! Combat the urge to leave a mess of slept-in, disheveled sheets by making your bed as soon as you get out of it. You’ll feel accomplished that you were productive first thing in the morning, and your bed will look neat and tidy. (And your mother would be so proud!)

Get Up and Move

Just because you’re inside doesn’t mean you can’t get some steps in! If your normal exercise routine includes the treadmill at your local gym, now is a great time to give running outdoors a try! Go outside and play with the kiddos, or play fetch with the dog. If going outside isn’t an option, even getting up and doing some cleaning around the house is a great way to get your heartrate up.

Get Creative

If your full-time job has been getting in the way of your hobbies or the things you really love to do, what better time than now to start doing them. Design and sketch out your dream home. Get out your easel and start painting whatever comes to mind. Get out those old music books and play the piano - bonus points if you can get your family to sing along! Whatever it is that stretches out the right side of your brain, dust it off and get creative!

Learn a New Skill

If you’re one of those people who claims to have no artistic or creative abilities whatsoever, now that you have all this newfound time on your hands, why not learn something new! With the world wide web at our fingertips, there are so many tutorials out there to pick up new skills or hone ones that have grown dormant over time. Pick up those needles you bought but never got around to using and finally learn how to knit. Challenge yourself to learn one new phrase of a different language every day. Learn feng shui and rearrange your bedroom. Or finally figure out the art of folding a fitted sheet! The possibilities are endless - use your time wisely!

Stay in Touch

Being isolated doesn’t have to mean cutting yourself off from the world! It’s 2020, and advanced technology has given us things like FaceTime and Google Hangouts to keep us connected to friends and loved ones, even when we can’t be in the same room. Keep your monthly book club going via Skype. Plan a wine and gossip night with your best friends, even if the only gossip you have is what your youngest said at the dinner table last night. There are even apps that allow you to virtually watch movies “together.” Or if you prefer it the old fashioned way, call someone up just to check in on them. Staying connected is so important now more than ever.

We know this post is a break from “bedding as usual,” but most things are unusual these days! We hope everyone is staying safe and practicing healthy habits, and we look forward to serving you the best in luxury bedding once it’s safe to do so!

What things are you doing to keep yourself busy? Tell us in the comments!

Uncovering the confusion behind one of Eastern Accents' most asked questions.

The world of linens is vast, and for some, it can be intimidating to scour through the options, hoping they make the right choice based on whatever, if any, knowledge they have. Most people know about or have heard of thread count, but beyond that, their understanding of sheets is limited. One thing we hear most often is confusion over sateen and percale linens, so we thought we would try to help clear it up!

The difference between sateen and percale is the way they are woven.

Sateen is a multiple-yarns-over-1-yarn weave, while percale is a 1-yarn-over-1-yarn basketweave:

Let's delve further into what sets these two types of sheets apart from one another.


With a silky-smooth hand and a slight sheen, sateen woven sheets are soft and luxurious. This weave, despite its loose 3-over-1 structure, better retains heat and is perfect for cooler climates and air conditioned rooms.


*Best seller!

by de'Medici

Roma comes in eleven colorways and features a beautiful, single row hemstitch finish on 300 thread count sateen.

Roma collection


by de'Medici

Carlotta is a printed sateen, featuring an airy and serene nature scene of graceful butterflies and budding lotus flowers.

Carlotta collection


by Celerie Kemble for Eastern Accents

Ona is a 300 thread count sateen featuring two-tone embroidered detailing, perfect for adding a bit of sophistication to a bed ensemble.

Ona Charcoal fine linens

Now let's talk percale!


Percale is woven with a one-over-one yarn construction for a crisp and cool hand feel and matte finish. This weave is breathable and retains less heat, making it perfect for warm climates and hot sleepers.


*Best seller!

by de'Medici

Featuring a double-row satin stitch and a clean silhouette, Enzo comes in two sheeting colorways and twelve different thread colors.

Enzo collection


by de'Medici

Adelle comes in four lush, vibrant colorways, making the styling possibilities endless. The damask design is printed on 100% Egyptian cotton percale and has a 200 thread count.

Adelle collection


by Eastern Accents

Posey is an exciting way to add color to any room. Individual strands of trim are topstitched to create a striped pattern. These fun percale sheets match perfectly with our equally as vibrant Gigi collection.

Posey collection

Gigi collection


by Barclay Butera for Eastern Accents

This versatile collection includes four printed colorways of chic animal print or stylish stripes on 200 thread count percale.

Hampton collection


by Thom Filicia

Marsden fine linens are a complement to Thom's modern style, and can be mixed and matched with any of his other collections. Featuring decorative satin stitching on 200 thread count percale, these sheets are the perfect addition to any room.

Marsden Fine Linen

The yarns that are used to weave our linens, both sateen and percale, are made from 100% Egyptian cotton, the longest staple fiber, which creates a more luxurious and high quality yarn.

So no matter what your sleep preference is, you'll prefer the luxury and comfort of linens by Eastern Accents!

To explore more of our sheets, check out our website:

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