We're celebrating our 5-year Thom-versary! Recently we sat down with our instantly-likeable licensed designer to discuss some of the best moments of the past half-decade.

Sneak Peek! Our April 2018 Thom Filicia for Eastern Accents moodboard

What’s your favorite memory from the past 5 years?

One of my favorite (and most surreal) moments has to be sitting on the back of a Bentley being led by a marching band through High Point, NC to the Eastern Accents showroom with the Mayor in tow and hundreds of people cheering us on as I was running for the "Oval Office" with the mission to "Make America Beautiful Again". To me, that was a truly unique, hilarious, fun and brilliant marketing moment that could have only happened with Eastern Accents.

How would you describe your aesthetic in 5 words?

Refined, Fresh, Timely, Timeless, Inviting

What are your top 5 places to go when you visit us in Chicago?

1) The Chicago Athletic Association for architecture, drinks & dining - and it overlooks another one of my favorite places…

2) Millennium Park.

3) Merchandise Mart - Art Deco architecture, the largest building in the world at the time of its completion in 1930 and an epicenter for design.

4) Getting yelled at post-cocktails at 2am at the Wiener Circle (though for the record I was able to win them over and make friends).

5) The Chicago River and being able to see the city from the water. I have a love of boats, bridges and architecture, and Chicago has all of those in spades. It’s truly unique to Chicago and a magical experience.

What are your 5 first steps when starting a design project?

1) Understand the lifestyle, point of view, and aesthetic of your client. Whether a residential or commercial project, get to know the person, couple, family, or brand you are designing for and their design objectives.

2) Understand your architecture, whether contemporary, modern, midcentury, or historic. Having a good sense of the bones of a space will start to inform your design decisions.

3) Understand your location and geography and other key influences, as they play an important role and help to give your project a sense of place.

4) Don’t forget to have an appreciation for the unexpected so that your work doesn’t feel predictable and is a unique representation of the client, the architecture and the location.

5) Don’t allow your design to feel too self-conscious. Allow it to have a looseness and human element so that there is always a balance and liveability to your interiors.

What are your top 5 ways to use Thom Filicia decorative pillows?

1) Personalize It: A unique combination of patterns, textures and decorative influences makes your interiors feel thoughtful, curated, and collected.

2) Layer Layer Layer: Decorative pillows are a great way to add a layer of personality and a unique point of view to your interiors.

3) Add a pop or make a statement: pillows are a great (and easy) way to add a fun, editorial, graphic, or playful pop of color to any space.

4) Mix It Up: Don’t be afraid to mix patterns, colors and textures to tell your story and make a space your own.

5) Seasonal Statements: updating your decorative pillows is an easy way to change out your look for the season and give your interiors an update that feels fresh and timely.

Find out more about Thom Filicia for Eastern Accents online or discover our entire line here!

The 2018 Pantone Color of the Year is: Ultra Violet!

We found some Eastern Accents accessories we think will make a great addition to your ultra stylish, Ultra Violet design projects this year!

Add just a hint of royalty to any room with this lush, deep purple accent pillow from our Bach Mohair program.

Ultra Violet is ultra subtle in the simple but modern Pierce collection.

Purple is rare in nature – bring it into your home with this beautiful hand-painted floral pillow from Celerie Kemble’s Nature Walk collection.

Add a pop of color to any décor with this chic ombre decorative pillow from our floral Tresco collection!

Need more violets, lavenders, and magentas? See all of our purple-hued luxury home textiles here or visit our Pinterest page for even more inspiration!

We hope you have an ever-so-stylish, oh-so-violet 2018!

We're mixing things up!

As much as we love our carefully crafted luxury bedding collections, there's something oh-so-exciting about putting together new creations with pieces from across our line. Each Monday we'll be posting one of our designers' Mashups, featuring mixed and matched pieces to create whole new looks.

This week's highlight is Amethyst, a gentle blend of soft purple tones, 100% linen sheets, and marbled accents.

How did we do it? Our designers drew from Shiloh 100% Linen, Zendaya, and Nico by Thom Filicia. Here are each of the items in their original collections:

Shiloh by de' Medici

Zendaya by Niche

Nico by Thom Filicia

That's it for this week! We'll be back mashing things up next Monday.

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