NY Fashion Week Meets Chicago-Made Bedding

One of our resident designers recognized some very familiar trends rocking the runway at this year’s New York Fashion Week! And it should be no surprise that there is so much overlap between the trends in the fashion world and the decor industry.

We surround ourselves with things that appeal to our senses. We wrap ourselves in clothes that are soft to the touch and captivating to the eyes because we want to feel comfortable and look fashionable. The same elements are just as important in design -- especially when it comes to the fabric-focused world of bedding and soft home decor.

Brock Collection / Budding Spring by Celerie Kemble for Eastern Accents

Pretty florals are always in season. Pair these delicate flowers with a sassy stripe to create a strong but soft feminine ensemble.

Adam Selman / Malia from Niche by Eastern Accents

We love designing with our coastal friends in mind. Beat the blues with these blues no matter what climate you live in.

Caroline Herrera / Pineapple Bobble by Celerie Kemble for Eastern Accents

Colors can affect your mood and evoke emotions, so why not fill your room with happy hues and sunny skies?

Dennis Basso / Vionnet by Eastern Accents

Has there ever been a time when glamour isn’t in style? We paired this neutral yet stunning stripe combination with sparkles and glitter to create an ensemble that’s subtly fabulous.

Come visit our showroom during the “Fashion Week” of the Home Furnishings World – High Point Market! Even though our newest collections can’t strut down the catwalk, you can get a first glimpse of the hottest trends in bedding for Fall 2017.

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