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Barclay Butera's Book Signing Party

Mark your calendars! Renowned interior designer Barclay Butera is throwing a party this High Point market (with plenty of his signature Pina Coladas) to celebrate the release of his new book Modern Living. Drop by Eastern Accents' showroom at 3pm on Sunday, April 17th to meet Barclay, get your copy signed, and clink glasses! After all, who doesn’t love a Pina Colada (or two)?

Barclay Butera Interior Designer

Modern Living is Barclay's nod to the spectacular yet clean, glam yet livable aesthetic that has become increasingly popular among his clientele. Modern life is hectic, Barclay says, so our interiors should be an oasis. The book focuses on 16 of his projects, each hand-picked for its display of a "transitional contemporary" look that is still quintessentially Butera.

And does Barclay have any tips for incorporating great design into contemporary life?

"Oh for sure:

1. Keep your decor and accessories to a minimum. Showcase only what you love, objects that have special meaning to you, and that you love to look at. Ditch what doesn't thrill you.

2. Examine your seating arrangements. Chairs and sofas should be arranged to encourage conversation, not hinder it!

3. Don't overcrowd your room with furniture you don't need. If you use it, love it, or need it - it stays. Get rid of everything else.

4. Excess is out. Quality, comfort, beauty, and simplicity are the way to go."

Just can't wait for the party? Here's a sneak-peek from the new book:

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