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Bench-made in Chicago, designed by you.


Created to be individually tailored to the customer’s vision and needs, Gannon is Eastern Accents’ first customizable hardwood bed frame. The headboard is upholstered on both sides with any chosen fabric, the upholstery type is customizable as well and could be channel tufted, button tufted, or put on solid for a more streamlined look.

The real fun begins however when the upholstered sections of this frame are mixed with opaque painted wood and the possibilities are endless. WIth any color at your disposal, create a color-block look, or match the color to the fabric. From traditional to modern, from kids-friendly to extravagant, Gannon is there for your expression.


Quinn is that perfect piece that will be a mood booster and a definite conversation starter. Purposefully designed to be larger than Eastern Accents' standard floor poufs, Quinn is incredibly comfortable and is there to be noticed. Simply pick your desired fabric and our experts will craft Quinn’s removable cover in a pattern and color that’s perfect for you.

Besides being a bold design statement, Quinn is created to be practical, durable and cozy. Its synthetic bead filling helps the pouf keep its shape while being flexible, making Quinn ideal not only for seating but as a living room footstool, snack tray table, or anything else you could think of. Luxury furniture has never been more fun!


Next to our Chicago showroom, noisy sewing machines, busy pattern cutters, and preoccupied shipping department, there is a room with a completely different rhythm. Hidden away from the bustling day-to-day of a textile factory, our upholstery professionals

are measuring every detail, carefully crafting one piece at a time, creating centerpiece furniture that is made to last. It may not have the same allure as eye-catching decorative pillows or luxury bedding sets, but the complex and awe-inspiring work that goes into creating custom furniture by hand is incomparable.

What started in 1996 as an idea to try something new, a simple footstool, is now a fully developed division, consisting of six master upholsterers with many years of experience.

Eastern Accents’ philosophy towards its bedding, accessories, and fabrics carries over to the furniture - expertly designed, quality-made, and produced locally. Every month Eastern Accents proudly crafts close to a hundred upholstered items.

Furniture’s foundation - its wood - is quality checked before every order, skillfully cut, and then assembled using tried and tested techniques.

Not unlike adding clay to a sculpture, padding is thickly laid over the wooden foundation before fabrics are then added to bring out the shape, texture, and style of the finished product. Customers’ requests and ideas are always welcomed, with custom sizing, wood finish options, over 500 luxury fabrics to choose from, and a custom workroom to discuss possibilities.

From receiving an order to sending out the finished item, there’s weeks of planning, crafting and bringing the project to life piece by piece.

All furniture items are bench-made in Chicago and are designed to be easily put together without professional assembly.

We love seeing how you style custom designs in your space! Tag us @easternaccents

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