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For our final introductions of 2020, Eastern Accents is celebrating compelling designs and decor decadence. Our brand new collections deliver a new kind of attitude, drawing inspiration from pop culture, mythology, and femme fatal protagonists. We chat with our team of designers to find out exactly how these unique collections came to be and what challenges they faced along the way.


When creating Tabitha, our designers drew inspiration from the iconic 60s sitcom Bewitched and its fun-loving character Samantha. Perfectly capturing Samantha’s confident and a bit mischievous attitude, this collection is a mix of playful prints, cheeky textures, and shimmering metallics.

The collection began with its romantic watercolor paisley print, Pondicherry Violet (see below), a fabric so unique and captivating, it absolutely had to find a home in our line. Product designer Christina began designing Tabitha with the Euro sham, shaping the first few themes and colorways for the final collection.

“The print is really the star of this collection. We always want to make sure it has the right home first and then we place everything else around it.”

Christina and the rest of the team introduced deep blues, rich plums, and matching faux fur accessories into the mix, piece by piece bringing Tabitha’s bold attitude to life. The solid colors offset the busier patterns and give this collection a more practical, contemporary feel.

One of Tabitha’s distinct features is its shimmering copper screen print, glamorously dripping over reversible standard shams. It adds a bit of sophistication to an otherwise playful collection,offering additional color options.

“ My favorite piece is the standard sham. It was really fun to design the print and have it be a one-off instead of all over. It adds a nice touch overall and the fabric is hands down my favorite!”

Tabitha is part of Eastern Accents’ Niche division, which is dedicated to color, style, and simplicity. All pieces in the collection can be styled with bedding ranging from feminine glam to tropical chic. Bearing amazing versatility, Tabitha is there for you to get creative.

Explore the full collection here.


While researching laser etched monogram techniques for one of the upcoming bedding collections, our design team became interested in the idea of laser engraving a more complex image onto velvet. The first samples consisted of a female and male bust designs that did not make the cut for the original group but remained on the radar as a potential concept.

Shortly after the first few samples, designer Lauren started to focus on the idea of creating a full collection of laser engraved designs inspired by classical art. After digitally illustrating various Antiquity-inspired designs, the team narrowed them down to ten final images based in Greek mythology, art, and architecture.

From the start, the process presented its challenges with most fabrics destroyed under the laser treatment. In order to produce a high quality engraved design, powerful laser treatment vaporizes the surface layer; this process is particularly difficult to perform on velvet due to its thin and flexible composition.

“We wanted to make it work somehow. We did a lot of sampling on different velvets with various laser settings and got the best results on our Winchester fabric.

After weeks of trial and error, Lauren and the rest of the team finally found the right velvet to withstand the engraving and Antiquity began its production.

All pillows are crafted from luxury Winchester velvet in hues typical of Classical and Renaissance painting: soft ivory, muted copper, deep olive, and charcoal.

The final designs range from mythical icons like Medusa and the Minataur to Ionic columns and Greek key borders. In the process of finalizing the collection, Lauren was not only looking for well-known themes but for symbols that give this collection substance.

“When doing my research, I learned that the Greek Key is a symbol of eternity and unity. It would make these pillows great wedding gifts.”

As part of Studio 773 Lifestyle, Antiquity tells a compelling story in each product. Our designers found a way to marry innovative techniques with timeless influences, creating a modern tribute to classical artistry.

Discover Antiquity here.


Right from the start, product designer Paris had a vision for Valentina: a sultry, opulent, and seductive collection for a modern femme fatal.

The design process started with the fabric - Valentina Burgundy. With its screen printed metallic and rich burgundy color, it became the focal point of the collection and ultimately dictated the final aesthetic.

Every single item in Valentina further enhances its glamorous demeanor with glitter, metallic vinyl, and lush mulberry velvet. Paris consciously took the pieces to an uber opulent level to create a collection that’s dripping with luxury and sensuality.

When it comes to the inspiration for the collection, Paris was influenced by strong female protagonists like the assassin Villanelle from the spy thriller TV series Killing Eve and Elektra Abundance Wintour, the fierce house mother and ballroom champion from the groundbreaking TV drama Pose. Their intoxicating beauty and power became a major reference point and influenced Paris to create a collection with a darker edge.

The color palette in both of the series is identical to the collection: from violets and reds to eclectic gold and metallic accents. Paris draws inspiration not only from the characters themselves but their personality-filled homes.

"I envisioned creating a bed for a character who exuded charm with a penchant for supreme luxury."

Valentina became a sultry, maximalist take on Hollywood Regency glamour, offering abundant accessories and unexpected textures. As a finishing touch, Paris and the rest of the team created a metallic, faux snakeskin upholstered bench, adding another extravagant piece to an already lavish lineup.

Paris admits that despite purposefully creating an over-the-top luxury collection, she made a point to ground some of the pieces and keep Valentina modern and livable.

“Valentina is meant to be over-the-top, but we still had to make sure not to overdo it. The challenge was to convey a bed set that was extravagant, yet tasteful; maximalist, but not excessive.“

The collection also features two curtain panels and a monogram pillow option to really give the customer an opportunity to mix and match and make Valentina their own.

Indulge in Valentina here.


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