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Happy National Pet Day!

Have you done something special for your furry friend today?

The Eastern Accents team is full of very dedicated pet-parents. Besides getting the yummiest treats or going to the best park today, they've also sent us some pictures of their adorable dogs and cats - alongside their favorite decorative throw pillow! All furr-tastic pillows are from Studio 773's Pets collection.

Coco having a laugh with the Buddy pillow

Pancake striking a pose with the Erica pillow

Elle looks dashing with the Dash pillow

Bo looking cozy with the Lilly pillow

Olga keeping watch with the Jack pillow

Mel getting protective over the Dolores pillow

Pancake feeling happy with the Frenchie pillow

Do you have a picture of your little rascal with one of our products? Post it and remember tag us on Instagram or Facebook. We always love a good pet pic!


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