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Louise Traficanti on the new curated Studio 773 Boutique.

We chat with Eastern Accents’ Louise Traficanti, creative director and mastermind behind the new Boutique decorative pillows. We talk fabrics, inspiration behind the new collection, and her personal favorites from the line.

Why was it important to create Studio 773 Boutique as a separate line?

  • We found that customers were sending in beautiful rare fabrics to make simple knife edge pillows, it was something that was missing from our main line. Our lifestyle 773 pillows are a little bit more kitsch and more thematic, for the Boutique line we wanted to make it classic, using very high-end textiles and unusual finds - beautiful fabrics that spoke for themselves and didn't need to be classified within a certain genre or bedding collection.

What is the process for finding these fabrics?

  • This particular collection is probably the best representation of our sourcing capabilities. We have fabrics from Turkey, Spain, a lot of beautiful velvets from a new Italian mill we’ve found, interesting prints from the UK. This new introduction is probably the largest variety of vendors that we’ve actually put together in one collection.

"Velvets [..] were made in Italy at the famous Ratti mill that actually supplies fabrics to Dolce & Gabbana and other pret-à-porter brands. "

How would you describe this collection, if you were to describe it with one word?

  • Stunning! (laughs). Boutique is all showstoppers, we were trying to find the best fabrics in all the different genres; we have formal and glam, amazing animal prints... Amani Taupe and Teal are an eclectic combination of fil coupe and embroidery. Beautiful velvets like Arielle and Olsen are made in Italy at the famous Ratti mill that actually supplies fabrics to Dolce & Gabbana and other pret-à-porter brands.

Wow, that is amazing! So these are kind of couture fabrics?

  • Yes, they are couture fabrics. A lot of our prints are very painterly, very artistic. There is great movement and composition in the artwork. So many textures, metallics... they strike a cord on all these different looks. One of MY personal favorites this time is Chappey: the gold embroidery on it is like a story. There are people, little trees, bicycles... I feel like you could use it to tell tales to kids, make up interesting stories (see image below).

"This particular collection is probably the best representation of our sourcing capabilities."

I know you have added some additional sizing this year. Why did you make that choice?

  • We started to do a lot of mashups with existing Boutique pillows and found that standard sizing of 20x20 and 22x22 was a bit limiting. This time we didn't hold back and stick to the formula, we just made the pillows in sizes that we felt complemented the designs best. We introduced elongated sizes and thought they would be fabulous bolster pillows or oversized pillows at the back of a sofa.

Are the new sizes available for all pillows?

  • Not for all. We did it for those that had the yield and that made sense. For some of the pillows the design has more texture and detail so we didn't feel like it complemented the look once we changed the size. For example for Fenning, that tiger print kind of dictates the sizing: we wanted to make sure everyone gets a full perfectly positioned tiger, not just a partial design. (laughs) We didn’t want someone to get an oversized pillow with just a paw or a face.

Who do you see using this collection?

  • These pillows are that back-pocket solution for designers. Let's say you have the room ready with all the furniture and you just need a couple of gems... select anything from this line and create a beautiful combination. Whether you want a pop of color, added contrast, or just some texture, these pillows fill that niche. I think it’s a great thing, you don't have to custom-make these pieces yourself. They’re already made, expertly and locally, with beautiful fabrics. Prints and patterns are going to be consistent and always in stock.

Thank you so much Louise! Is there anything else you would like us to know about this line?

  • Boutique is a very curated line. I think it’s important to know that the emphasis is on the fabrics. These are hard-to-find textiles hand-picked from a unique vendor base without real limits to the cost. Our capabilities allow us to have all them in stock, which is a huge advantage because it means all of our Boutique fabrics are available for COM and will never be on back-order. I think it’s very important to get across that we can be that trusted source of luxury rare fabrics for designers and even consumers.

Thank you Louise, this was a real treat.

  • Thank you. I am very excited to finally share this collection with everyone.

Explore the full Studio 773 Boutique collection here.


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