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Trendwatch 2020: Unveil the Unconventional

We have all been told what shapes, colors, styles should and should not go together. Chances are, you wouldn’t choose an elaborate red couch for your subtle periwinkle living room. But who gets to set those standards? After hundreds of years of color wheels and architectural handbooks, I’d say it’s about  time for a change. Let 2020 be the year we set our own rules and finally embrace the unfamiliar in our surroundings. 

One of the biggest trends we're seeing for 2020-2021 is an embrace of the unexpected. This is the time to start anew and break away from the mold. From texture and pattern to color and accessories, here are a few ways to experiment and incorporate a little variety into your home.

Choose two completely different aesthetics and find a common ground.

It might seem challenging to know where to start so we suggest choosing an elaborate pattern, something that could be a fun new endeavour. Look for small color motifs or shapes within the design that could be mimicked. Pair with a material similar in tone or texture and the end result will appear more harmonious to the eye.

Embrace a new motto -  too much is never enough. 

There is really no limit when it comes to this one. While it may seem outdated at first, this method  of matching furniture or bedding to your wallpaper is as different as it is exciting. Think muted and dusty tones, modern textures separated by a dark solid color. Keep it eclectic and bold for a definite show stopper. 

Think outside the box. 

Don’t let the room’s function dictate its contents. Escape routine by challenging your space based on your preferences, not the norms. Who says you can’t have an armchair or a bar cart in your bathroom? Forward-thinking design choices create an intimate and unique environment. 

If you’re not quite ready for the radically unexpected, a good option might be to repurpose some of your most loved items. Incorporating fabrics in unconventional ways is an easy way to add a fresh touch to your home. An eye-catching fabric feature wall or a beautiful cotton-blend throw used as a table runner would instantly add some character to a space without breaking the bank.


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