Meet Our #WomenInDesign

Have you been following our #WomenInDesign social media series? Inspired by our upcoming line with Celerie Kemble (soon to be unveiled at High Point Market), we've been paying tribute to some of our favorite women in this industry.

But we've saved best for last. Spearheaded by our very own, very fabulous Louise Traficanti, our design team has been the driving creative force behind Eastern Accents for the past 30 years.

These lovely ladies took a moment to discuss their backgrounds in design and pick a pillow that reflects their aesthetic!


I studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, with one year abroad in Milan. But I like all aspects of design, it doesn't only have to be fashion. It's been great to cover such a broad range of styles at Eastern Accents.

This is an Ezra pillow. I like that it's sleek/minimal with fine details, like laser cut-outs, weaving, and a play on the pile direction for light/dark contrasts. It feels glamorous and feminine, while being sleek and masculine.

Most of my favorite work that I've done at Eastern Accents has been small bits and pieces, rather than one collection as a whole. Like the applique on the Amal bolster, which was inspired by a metal necklace that I saw with a chain running through it. Or the Philomena print: I think the color work turned out well with a nice mix of cool and warm tones. I also enjoyed using the hardware details and (faux) leather techniques on the Aiden decorative pillows.

My own style is minimal and sleek, with an attention to detail. I generally like a balance of feminine and masculine, modern and classic. I can't recall where I heard the description "man glam," but I'm really loving that term! I also love walking around to take in architecture and design details... I absolutely love a beautiful, dark, and moody door. When traveling, a good part of my memory card is full of doors and metal hardware.


Growing up I was always interested in art, and I started sewing when I was 12. I have a degree in Textile design from the Savannah College of Art and Design. After that I went on to do window displays for Anthroplogie and event and set design. Until recently I taught sewing classes to adults and did freelance prop-making for theater. Right now I'm focusing on interior styling and design as a side gig and I've just moved so there are many exciting projects happening at home!

I'm definitely a color person! I'm a sucker for a traditional floral in an edgy color way, Otami prints and fun trim! I was really drawn to the Zara print in the Studio 773 Folkloric group.

This is a decorative pillow from the Tresco group. I designed it right back when painterly florals and lots of funky trim were making a big splash in the design world. I'm also drawn to the Preppy pillow collection in Studio 773, specifically Noroton. It's a great color combo, but also graphic and sophisticated with the brass zipper.


Since I was young, I have always loved any and every kind of art. I have a BA in Interior Design from Harrington College of Design. I started at Eastern Accents over 5 years ago in Customer Service, then the custom Department, and now Design!

I'd say my own personal style is feminine with a touch of glamour. This pillow is Morganite, a new Studio 773 throw pillow that I designed. It is trendy and fun and it happens to be in my favorite color: pink. It features an agate pattern laser cut into a shiny velvet, backed in a metallic pink linen. What more could you ask for in a pillow?!

Being a new mom I haven't had a lot of free time, but I do small sewing projects at home for fun: mostly pillows. As of late I have been (slowly) working on a skull cross stitch.


I graduated in 2015 from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a BFA and my concentration in​​ Fashion Design. I'm actually hoping to get a knitting machine at home soon! I spent a lot of time in school learning to use one and it's something I want to continue to practice.

My studies focused as much on the creative aspect of garment-making as it did on the production, so it was very important to me to work for a company that placed an emphasis on American manufacturing. So I was so excited when I found Eastern Accents - and also because of its roots in Chicago, the city I was born in!

I'm very drawn to bold graphics including prints and lettering, as well as natural and organic patterns. The pillow I chose for the photo shoot uses one of my favorite fabrics at Eastern Accents. It's an organic pattern with a lot of depth that also reflects a very intentional hand. It's woven but it reminds me of a shibori dye which is a beautiful technique.


My family has a deep history in textiles: I grew up around women in my family practicing handcrafts like embroidery, smocking, cross-stitch, crochet, lace-making, and garment making. I graduated from North Carolina State with a BA Art & Design Fibers and a BS Textile Technology and worked in hand-weaving and embroidery design before coming to Eastern Accents. I was excited to find a company manufacturing domestically and I was happy to transition into home furnishings.

My personal style is very consistent: moody, edgy, fashion-driven, modern. I appreciate crisp, clean lines, minimal/ tailored pieces, and architectural references. I don't gravitate to patterns or color, but I love fine, often subtle detailing. Monochrome palettes of neutrals, rich solids and textures are my go to's. I enjoy well-curated environments that provide a foundation for the occasional statement object to become art: think Ryan Korban meets Rihanna. This pillow is Bach Blackhawk; I love black, and natural fibers, and how lux the mohair pile is. I don't like fussiness, so this simple knife-edge pillow is perfect.

My favorite collection to design was Naya. It uses some fun textures and trims. I especially like the eyelash trim: it delicately provides so much texture. I have been calling for a brown comeback in home furnishings for years! Its been overdue, so I'm glad to see it finally catching on.


I studied textiles at National College of Art and Design in Ireland so I have always loved fabric, knitting, sewing, crochet - all the various forms textiles take.

I love natural tones but then I also love bold color. My own style gets lost in whatever I am working on, and that becomes my style whether it is my aesthetic or not. Sort of like method acting with textiles! One of my favorite collections to design was from way, way back - back in Eastern Accents' dusty archives - a collection called Aylesbury. It had the most beautiful toile that was so pretty with such a detailed engraving.

This is the Olympia pillow: its hand painting is so beautiful, the colors are like seaglass and each pillow is unique. The glass beads on the side add another interesting dimension to the design. Simple, pretty and beautiful: a winning combination.

Outside of Eastern Accents, I have an ongoing Stitch-A-Day project which I was inspired to do by another artist who pursued one creative endeavor for a year. I decided to explore embroidery for one year (now in month six) and when you focus on one discipline a whole world opens up and possibilities abound. The work takes on this momentum and forces me to commit to it.

Learn more about us online and be sure to pop into our showroom at Suites @ Market Square G1000 to see our new bedding collections, throw pillows, and accessories by Celerie Kemble!

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